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Ropsten only

This functionality is only available in RopstenRopsten - Ethereum's testnet, used for testing, experimenting and debugging. and is not yet available on MainnetMainnet - Ethereum's mainnet, used for projects which are ready for production.. To create and update collections and metadata schema in mainnet, use this form.

This functionality is not available for users who have previously registered a collection via online form submission. To update existing collections, submit a request here.

Requests may take up to 2 business days (AEST).

We provide an authentication service to protect your administrative level assets from being accessed or updated by someone else.

In order to use services like creating a project or collection, you will first need to register as an Immutable X user.

This is done by setting up an account using the private key from the wallet account you would like to specify as the owner of the project and collection.

Account registration can be done via the browser by simply connecting your wallet via the marketplace. The first time an account is connected, you will be taken through a registration process.

Click here to register via Connect wallet in the test network (ropsten).

Click here to register via Connect wallet in the main network.

Checkout metamask documentation if you are not sure how to get your private key.

Read more about how an account is registered on Immutable X.


View example code

The repository imx-examples provides easy to use examples. Follow the instructions in the README to get started.

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