Asset Deposits

An alternative to L2 minting assets, assuming you have pre minted assets on Ethereum that you'd like to trade on Immutable X, is to deposit them directly.

As a pre-requisite, ensure that both the contract and the user depositing has been registered in our system.

The diagram below is a high-level overview of the asset depositing process.

We make 2 client-side calls to abstract much of the unnecessary jargon from you, the call to Gets details of a signable deposit is necessary to query your L2 key given your L1 key, allocate a new vault be it a new asset and convert the asset into an identifier used within our system.

The subsequent call to deposits on-chain can be done with our client (SDK), this will transfer your asset to our contract which is then offloaded to the Layer 2 allocated vault upon event reception.

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