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Collection registration

Prior to collection registration, you need to register your project.

A collection refers to a deployed smart contract. All minted assets belong to a collection, and in order to mint assets on L2 you must first register your collection (smart contract) with Immutable X.

Each collection belongs to a project, and all projects are limited to creating five collections within a four-week period. Learn more.

Increasing project collection limits

Collection limits can be increased by contacting support about your project. Be sure to include your reason for an increase. Our team will respond to your request within 2 business days."

Create a collection

A collection contains the following fields:

FieldRequired (Default value)Value Type / Notes
owner_public_keyyesMake sure this matches the owner of the smart contract specified in contract_address. Updating the owner_public_key is not possible.
contract_addressyesThe contract_address field must contain a valid smart contract. We validate this by ensuring bytecode exists at the given address.
metadata_api_urlyesSee notes here
icon_urlnoDo not put an empty text or a non-url for this as it will result to a broken icon link in Marketplace.
collection_image_urlnoUsed for display purposes.
View example code

Our repository imx-examples provides easy to use open source examples. Follow the instructions in the README to get started.

Update an existing collection

FieldValue Type / Notes
icon_urlDo not put an empty text or a non-url for this as it will result to a broken icon link in Marketplace.
collection_image_urlUsed for display purposes.
Modifications not allowed for these fields

contract_address is a field that should not be changed. If metadata_api_url is modified AFTER minting, the existing assets that used the previous metadata_api_url will not be modified. The new metadata_api_url will be used for new mints.