API Error Codes


The collection has already been registered. A collection can only be registered once. Check that the value of the contract_address field passed to the register collection API is correct.

If you have previously registered a collection and want to update some of its details, view the update collection API documentation.


At least one required metadata key was not provided in the request. The message field of the error response specifies the specific metadata key(s) that are missing. Example:

{"code":"missing_metadata_key","message":"Missing required metadata key: name"}


The metadata you are trying to add to a collection is already present. To update collection metadata, view the update collection metadata API.


The mint request payload has failed validation. The message field has more details on the validation error.


/assets/{address}/{id} - Contract address and token id is a unique composite key.
The contract address is not a hex (e.g.'0x02311ab2...') or the token id is not an integer. Both params stored in DB as a varchars.


/assets/{address}/{id} - Contract address and token id is a unique composite key.
The assets with such ID was not found in database (join of imx_nft + imx_collection + imx_royalty)


The response from DB []store.Asset could not be transformed into []api.Asset


The provided mint id is invalid. It was either not correctly provided as a valid integer, or there was some other issue parsing the id, e.g. integer overflow, negative integer.


The provided mint id is valid, however it does not exist. Please ensure that you are providing the id of a minted token.


The token attempting to be minted did not pass the validation to ensure it can be withdrawn on the L1 layer at a later stage. This is usually caused by a mismatch between the token ID/blueprint and your smart contracts mintFor logic.

This error will log log the token address, id and blueprint of the attempted mint.

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