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Important Terminology

  • Maker Marketplace: The marketplace that lists the asset for sale.
  • Taker Marketplace: The marketplace that completes the purchase for an asset. It is possible for a * marketplace to be both the maker and the taker marketplace.
  • Asset Originator: The entity who will receive royalty fees. The asset originator does not necessarily have to be the minter themselves.
  • Royalties: A royalty fee represents a percentage of secondary sales that will go to the original asset creator.

Secondary Sale Fees

Secondary sale fees refer to fees collected when assets are traded on the Immutable X protocol.

Trading Fees Breakdown



Current Value

Protocol Fee (coming soon)

Fee to support the ongoing development and maintenance of the Immutable X ecosystem.

2% of the base sale / listing price

Maker Fee (coming soon)

Fee to support maker marketplace for providing liquidity.


Set by the maker marketplace when listing an asset for sale

Taker Fee (coming soon)

Fee to support taker marketplace for providing liquidity.


Set by the taker marketplace when purchasing an asset

Royalty Fee

Fee distributed to the asset originator when the asset is sold.


Set at the time of minting by the asset originator.

Example Breakdown

Base price: 100 ETH

Sale / listing price: 100 + 0.5 + 2 + 2 = 104.5 ETH (what’s shown on the marketplace)

  • Royalty: .5% = 0.5 ETH
  • Marketplace: 2% = 2 ETH on Immutable X’s marketplace
    • Maker MP: 1
    • Taker MP: 1
  • Protocol: 2% = 2 ETH
    • Immutable/Protocol Development: 1.6
    • IMX token reward pool: 0.4


Immutable X will pay out these fees immediately after each transaction is confirmed. This means that each party hoping to collect fees must have registered an Immutable X account, but it allows the settlement of fees to also be gas-less.


Royalty recipients

Royalty percentages for one or more recipients can be set at the time an asset is minted. Royalties will be distributed to the recipients' Immutable X wallets. All recipients must be registered with Immutable X.

Layer 1 Enforceability

At this stage, royalties for assets minted on Immutable X are only enforced on layer 2. If withdrawn assets are re-deposited onto Immutable X at a later date, royalties will continue to work alongside gas-free trading.

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