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The crypto to fiat functionality is available in SDK v1.21.3+ and is a collaboration between ImmutableX and Moonpay.

The exchange process allows users to sell crypto held on L2 on the ImmutableX platform directly for fiat funds. These funds will be deposited directly into the users nominated bank account. There is no gas fee for this exchange, only a Moonpay transaction fee.

The withdraw happens directly on L2 via the transfer to Moonpay accounts.

Minimal withdraw amount

There's a minimal withdraw amount of 0.015 ETH.

The current available cryptocurrencies are:

  • ETH
Supported countries

The crypto to fiat off-ramp only available in EU, UK, and select US states.

For more information please refer to Moonpay’s help desk

Exchange requires authenticated user

Link.cryptoToFiat({}) should only be called when user is authenticated and logged in, otherwise it will require user to reconnect

To initialize the offramp process with an option to choose any available currency and amount, marketplace needs to call the offramp function:

await link.cryptoToFiat({})

This displays the Link UI with a screen when a user need to choose currency and enter amount:

Offramp without parameters

To initialize the offramp process for a specific currency:

await link.cryptoToFiat({ cryptoCurrencies: ['ETH'] })

This displays the Link UI with a screen when a user can only enter amount with already populated currency:

Offramp with specific currency

To initialize the offramp process with defined currency and amount:

await link.cryptoToFiat({ cryptoCurrencies: ['ETH'], amount: '0.01' })

This displays the Link UI with loaded Moonpay widget:

Offramp with specific currency and amount