Link iFrame Support

How to trigger link inside an iframe


Action Required

This functionality requires your application to be whitelisted. Immutable X Customer Success will whitelist your application at the same time they register your minting contract.

The link supports iframe embedding.

Simply supply an additional options object when you construct Link:

type IframePositionKeys = 'left' | 'right' | 'top' | 'bottom';

type IframePositionOptions = {
    [key in IframePositionKeys]?: string;

type IframeSizeOptions = {
    width: number;
    height: number;

type ConfigurableIframeOptions = null | {
    position?: IframePositionOptions;
    className?: string;
    containerElement?: HTMLElement;
    protectAgainstGlobalStyleBleed?: boolean;
const linkIframeOptions: ConfigurableIframeOptions = { className: 'my-link-iframe' };
const link = new Link('', linkIframeOptions);

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