As of 1.3.52, the @imtbl/imx-sdk supports transferring large amounts of NFT assets in batches. To begin a new batch transfer flow, link should be called like so:

const response = await link.batchNftTransfer(payload)

Where the payload is of type LinkParams.BatchNftTransfer:

const payload: LinkParams.BatchNftTransfer = [
    type: ERC721TokenType.ERC721, // Must be of type ERC721
    tokenId: string, // the token ID
    tokenAddress: string, // the collection address / contract address this token belongs to
    toAddress: string, // the wallet address this token is being transferred to

The response type will be identical to that of the existing transfers.


  • Requests will be batched in groups of 100 (This is the current batch size, it is subject to change, however this will not affect your implementation)

  • Only tokens of type ERC721TokenType.ERC721 can be used in link.batchNftTransfer

  • If any validation errors are present in the current batch, the entire batch will not be performed

  • If any API errors are received as part of processing the current batch, the entire batch will fail

  • If any errors are present (due to validation, API or otherwise) for a particular batch, you will still be able progress to the next batch

  • Each confirmation is accompanied by a signing process on the user wallet

Screenshots from user journey

Start of batchStart of batch

Start of batch

First batch completeFirst batch complete

First batch complete

Batch completeBatch complete

Batch complete

Example validation errorExample validation error

Example validation error

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