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As of 1.3.52, the @imtbl/imx-sdk supports transferring large amounts of NFT assets in batches. To begin a new batch transfer flow, link should be called like so:

const response = await link.batchNftTransfer(payload)

Where the payload is of type LinkParams.BatchNftTransfer:

const payload: LinkParams.BatchNftTransfer = [
type: ERC721TokenType.ERC721, // Must be of type ERC721
tokenId: string, // the token ID
tokenAddress: string, // the collection address / contract address this token belongs to
toAddress: string, // the wallet address this token is being transferred to

The response type is the same as Link.transfer.


  • Requests will be batched in groups of 100 (This is the current batch size, it is subject to change, however this will not affect your implementation)

  • Only tokens of type ERC721TokenType.ERC721 can be used in link.batchNftTransfer

  • If any validation errors are present in the current batch, the entire batch will not be performed

  • If any API errors are received as part of processing the current batch, the entire batch will fail

  • If any errors are present (due to validation, API or otherwise) for a particular batch, you will still be able progress to the next batch

  • Each confirmation is accompanied by a signing process on the user wallet

Screenshots from user journey

Confirm Transfer Batch

First Batch Complete

All Batches Complete

Example Validation Error


See error responses here.