Onboarding - Ropsten only


Ropsten only

This functionality is only available in RopstenRopsten - Ethereum's testnet, used for testing, experimenting and debugging. and is not yet available on MainnetMainnet - Ethereum's mainnet, used for projects which are ready for production.. To create and update collections and metadata schema in mainnet, use this form.

This functionality is not available for users who have previously registered a collection via online form submission. To update existing collections, submit a request here.

Requests may take up to 2 business days (AEST).

This section goes through the steps to onboard with Immutable X.

This document will cover:

  1. Deploying an ERC-721 smart contract
  2. Registering a user account with Immutable X
  3. Registering a Project
  4. Registering a Collection
  5. Registering the Metadata Schema for a Collection
  6. Minting assets
  7. Integrating your application with Immutable X

1. Deploy an ERC-721 smart contract

All smart contracts on L2 currently require a corresponding contract on L1 Ethereum, to ensure their tokens can be deposited and withdrawn correctly.

To test your assets, minting, and trading flows, you need to deploy an ERC-721 contract on the Ropsten network, and then register it with Immutable X.

Similarly, to mint on mainnet Ethereum, you need to deploy an ERC-721 contract on mainnet, then follow the same steps.

To ensure that you can withdraw assets from L2 to L1 Ethereum, follow the testing guidelines in this doc.

For a guide on how to write a good smart contract, please read Writing a Good Smart Contract

Example smart contracts are also available here.

2. Register user account with Immutable X

In order to use services like creating a project or collection, you will first need to register as an Immutable X user.

Registration sets up an account using the private key from the wallet you would like to specify as the owner of the Project. This will allow you to use our authentication system, which protects your Project's administrative level assets from being accessed or updated by someone else.

User account registration can be done via the browser by simply connecting your wallet via the marketplace. The first time an account is connected, you will be taken through a registration process.

Click here to register via Connect wallet in the test network (ropsten).

Click here to register via Connect wallet in the main network.

Account registration can also be done programatically without the use of a browser.

Click here to see an example of programatically registering an account.

Read more about account registration.

3. Register Project

In order to create a Collection of NFTs, you must first register a Project as the creator of the Collection.

A Project is an administrative level entity that is associated with an owner address, i.e. the address of the Ethereum account used to register as an Immutable X user in the previous step. Only the project owner will be authorised to perform administrative tasks such as creating and updating collections and metadata schema.

One user account may own many Projects.
One Project may have many associated Collections.

Click here to see an example of how to register a Project.

4. Register Collection

A Collection refers to a series of NFTs, minted under a Project, and corresponds to a specific deployed smart contract.

All minted assets belong to a collection, and in order to mint assets on L2 you must first register your Collection (smart contract) with Immutable X.

Each Collection belongs to a Project.
Each Collection may contain many similar or different NFTs.

Click here to see an example of how to register a Collection.

5. Register Collection Metadata Schema

A Collection's Metadata Schema describes the properties of the NFTs it can mint, as well as the potential values and types of those properties.

For example, "image background may be a random hue value between 0-255" vs "a specific hue value from this list"; or "marketplace traders can filter this collection by this property" vs "they cannot".

Each Collection has a Metadata Schema.
Each NFT is defined by the properties in the Metadata Schema.

Read more about asset metadata.

Click here to see an example of how to register Collection Metadata Schema.


Metadata refreshes

For collections on ropsten, submit requests for metadata refreshes through our Support Team here. Requests may take up to 2 business days (AEST).

6. Mint assets

Once your contract has been registered, you can now mint gas-free on Immutable X.

For comprehensive instructions, check out Minting on Immutable X

7. Integrate your application

Start building your application on Immutable X by following the guides here.

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