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Quick Start Guide

Everything you need to start building with Immutable X

Integrating Immutable X into your application requires 4 main steps:

1. Import the packages

To get started with Immutable X, download and install the following npm package:


Which are available at:

IMX SDK provides an Immutable X Client, which is used for most backend operations, and also Link SDK for frontend, user-facing interactions.

2. Set the connection URLs

When initialising the IMX Client, you will need to provide a public API URL:

Testnet (Ropsten):

When initialising the Link SDK you need to provide a weburl:

Testnet (Ropsten):

3. Deploy an ERC-721 contract and register it with Immutable X

To test your assets, minting and trading flows, you need to deploy an ERC-721 contract on Ropsten and then register it with Immutable X.

Similarly, to mint on mainnet, you need to deploy an ERC-721 contract on Ethereum then register it with us. To ensure that you can withdraw assets to Ethereum, follow the guidelines in this Doc.

To register a contract with Immutable X, provide details of the contract here. Example smart contracts are available here.

Registration will take up to 2 business days and you will receive email notification once registration is completed.

We are working hard to automate this process, but in the meantime, our customer success team is registering contracts on your behalf. Updating contract details and metadata can be an intensive process as it is very detailed work. Therefore, please ensure that all of your contract details are 100% correct before you send them to us - one minor correction can result in several days lost, and we don’t want to get in your way!

4. Mint assets

Once your contract has been registered, you can now mint gas-free on Immutable X. For comprehensive instructions, check out the Minting on Immutable X guide here.

That's it! You now have everything you need to start building your application on Immutable X.

Need help? Join the Immutable X Developer Discord here to explore and connect with others building on Immutable X. Here you can ask questions to our growing community, receive updates, and discuss your big ideas. Our engineers will also be available on Discord to answer your questions.

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Quick Start Guide

Everything you need to start building with Immutable X

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