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Version: 0.1.1


The Immutable Core SDK C# provides convenient access to the ImmutableX API and Ethereum smart contracts for applications written on the ImmutableX platform.

Currently, this SDK supports interactions with our application-specific rollup based on StarkWare's StarkEx. In the future, when we start supporting other rollups, this SDK will also provide access to those.

Read only functionality

Currently, the C# Core SDK provides read-only functionality. The endpoints supported are (from this Changelog entry):

  • Assets: Get & List
  • Balances: Get & List
  • Collections: Get & List & List with filters
  • Exchanges: Get & List
  • Metadata: Get
  • Mints: Get & List
  • NFT Checkout Primary: Get & List transactions, Get currencies
  • Deposits: Get & List
  • Withdrawals: Get & List
  • Transfers: Get & List
  • Trades: Get & List
  • Orders: Get & List
  • Users: Get
  • Tokens: Get & List

Implementation roadmap: image